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Prevention Is Cure – Body Language For Self Defense

by Jack – Real World Protection

Proven psychological studies have proven that victims of crime, more often than not, give off certain signals to their eventual attackers that ultimately makes them the target rather than someone else.
Real world protection, or self defense, starts long before you are attacked or set upon by somebody. It begins with you waking up in the morning and feeling right. Feel good in one’s self and being confident really translates in to body language.

Attackers look for their victims on an instinctive level, which relates back to when man would hunt to survive. Common sense tells us that if man had the choice between a seemingly easy to catch creature for a meal or a very able and strong creature / meal that will put up a big fight – then man would choose the first, easier, option. This reflects directly to the modern real world self defense state of mind.

If an attacker wants something from someone – not necessarily you, but someone. They will take this something from the person that they believe will not fight back very much.
Now don’t see this as only in a situation where somebody I taking something from you. The thing that the attacker might want to take is a thrill from beating someone up, the confidence of winning a fight or the desire to see someone else in pain. The world is full of some very twisted people!

For every victim of an attack, many more have ‘potential victims’ have been passed by – because they appeared to be a less easy target.

To avoid seeming like an easy target it as been recommended by countless doctors and scholars that learning a self-defense significantly helps to effortlessly change one’s demeanour and body language to a more positive and ‘anti-attack’ one.

Self Defence courses will improve your body language and provide you with real world protection through giving you the confidence to know that if you are attacked, then you can handle it enough to make sure that your attacker will be disarmed and you will be fine.
This state of mind is much more important than being physically able to break someone’s arm in one simple movement. This state of mind will improve our body language so that instinctive attackers will over look you and set upon someone else instead.

Please note that learning selfdefense is not a sure fire way of avoiding conflict. But I can assure you, that it is a huge help!

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