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5 Training Tips To Win Silat Melayu Match

Silat Melayu is a martial art that’s inherited by Malay’s in Malaysia. It is originated from the big empire such as Malacca and Kedah Tua. However, in this modern era the word Silat Melayu is synonym with a silat competition that’s held every year in Malaysia.

The scoring system in Silat Melayu competition is similar with Silat Olahraga. The differences are on the scoring marks and the artistic performance scores. However, most of the principles of the game emphasize more on silat skills. Any hard strikes will results on deduction of points. Thus, in order to win the competition you need to train specifically as mentioned in the Silat Malayu regulations.

Here are the five tips and explanations on how to win Silat Melayu match. There are;

1. You need to train ‘Pelampas’ regularly in order to produce supple movements. Pelampas is the name given for silat activities that can increase your silat skills. There are seven pelampas that you can train during free time. You need to train pelampas in order to improve your hand and leg movements in receiving attacks from your opponent.

2. You need to master the three striking techniques that known as ‘3 Buah Seni’. These three striking techniques are stabbing, chopping and hacking. The most important thing is how you can counter attack the opponent once he receives your strike. This is because in Silat Melayu match you are not allowed to strike to score point until he receive any one from three strikes described before from you. The first two movements from both exponents should be ‘give and take’ movements. The points will be counted once both exponents engaged between each other.

3. You need to train the catching technique regularly. The catching technique can help you to score more points if the opponent is new to the sport. This is because many new exponents like to kick rather punching. So, the ability to catch followed by topple down technique will award you three points in the match. If you successfully topple down your opponent three times in one round you will be the winner.

4. You need to master the sweeping technique. Many silat exponents do not like to use this technique due to the risk to be toppled down or locked by the opponent. However, it is the simple technique that can help you to score big point in the match.

5. You need to master the locking technique in order to win by technical knock-out. This is important because once you locked your opponent in the game in count of five, you will be the winner. However, you cannot lock the opponent with a technique that can break his bone.

These five silat tips can help you to win a Silat Melayu match. However you need to remember that the most important aspect is to show to the juries that you are the expert in the ring.

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