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7 Habits Of Highly Effective Silat Exponent In Silat Training Session

Silat is a unique martial art. It is a self defense that has been inherited by the Malay’s since thousands years ago. The evolution of the movements, techniques and philosophy of this martial art has produced a powerful system of self defense training. Thus, many experts believe that to be a great silat fighter you need to discipline yourself with the silat training regime.

There are 7 habits that always been practise by many great silat exponent in the ring or in training session. These seven habits will help you to become a great silat exponent no matter in what level you are. The most important thing is for you to practise these seven habits until it become natural to your behaviour.

Here are the seven habits and explanation of each of it;

1. Always come early in training session. Never come late. That is the number one rules that can decide either you are a good student or not. You need to come early to prepare yourself for silat training. You are the one that should wait the silat guru and not the other way around. It is necessary for you to have 30 minutes warm-up session alone before joining the training session with the silat guru.

2. Greet the silat guru when he arrives to the silat session. If you are Muslim you need to give a Salam, if not please greet your teacher when he arrives to the silat class. Shake hand and invite him to his place or chair for him to rest for 5-10 minutes before he starts the lesson. While waiting, make sure all the silat exponents stand up and line-up properly to receive the guru order.

3. Never speak or ask until you are allowed to ask. This is the most important habit that will help you to build up your patience attitude. It is rude for a student to ask the guru during the silat session until you he gives you the opportunity to ask. Remember, you are the one that want to learn, not him. So, he is the one that should ask you the question. But normally, many silat gurus will give opportunities to his students to ask during the silat class.

4. Don’t play and laugh during the training session. Don’t play and make stupid joke during the silat class because it shows disrespect to the seniors and the guru. This is very dangerous particularly if you are in sparring session.

5. Don’t stop to drink, sit or go to the toilet during training session. Never do this until you are allowed to do so. Normally for every silat session, the guru will give you 10 minutes rest to take a break from hard training session. Use it wisely and never talk anything except regarding the training session.

6. Show interest in the training with energetic spirit. Remember that you are in silat session. This is not a chess training session. So, when it is time for you to train together with your partner, do it with energetic movements. Show your skill and interest in silat the training particularly when perform it in front of the guru.

7. Pay the guru on time for your silat session. This is not a welfare service. This is a martial art class. You need to feel embarrassed if you failed to pay on time. Remember that money is not everything for the guru. But with money he can helps you to achieve your dream to be a good silat fighter, exponent or warrior. Thus, treat him like you treat your valuable life.

Remember to pay attention to these seven habits to become highly effective silat exponent. You will feel the difference once you routinely practice all of these habits not only in silat session but also in your life.

This article was submitted by Cikgu Nizam, an expert and world leading self defense and silat coach online. Did you find these tips on how to be effective silat exponent article are useful? Find out more about self defense and silat by going to Silat Exponent Official Blog and get a FREE ebook there!

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