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7 Insider Secrets on How to Be Good Silat Instructor

Silat is an official martial art in Malaysia. It is the art of movements in self defense. The concept of this self defense is ‘not to kill unless desperate’. Thus it is important to understand that learning silat is not for beating other people unless you have no choice in any emergency situation.

One of the popular training centres in Malaysia that actively produces many silat exponents and instructor is Pusat Cemerlang Silat (PCS). For the past 10 years this silat training centre has develop more than 50 silat coaches that actively participate in silat coaching program. Most of the silat instructors of this academy are the graduates from university. Some are the champions in many self defense competitions in Malaysia. Many of the instructors contribute to society by giving free silat lessons to kids, adults and special need care peoples (disable) in order to promote the importance of self defense in Malaysian society. Their contribution to community have attracts many reporters, station televisions and internet bloggers to report their activities in term of promoting self defense to Malaysian society.

When I asked the manager of PCS regarding the silat coaching program that constantly produce many top martial art coaches in Malaysia such as Cikgu Safwan, Cikgu Safar, Cikgu Fiqah and Cikgu Alif, he replied by stated there are seven important criteria that PCS look into before appoints somebody to be a silat instructor. Without these seven secrets, the instructors will never success in term of promoting martial art or self defense to primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities and professional clubs.

The seven insider secrets are:

1. The instructor needs to achieve at least black belt in silat training system.

2. The instructor needs to be a graduate from any qualified university in this world.

3. The instructor needs at least 7 caps from PCS in any silat competitions.

4. The instructor needs to perform 7 performances in any silat occasions.

5. The instructor needs to finish the Quran lessons (khatam Quran) at least once in their lifetime (for Muslim) or an interview and examination about moral values for non-Muslim.

6. The instructor needs to attend two silat instructor courses and passed the exams with at least 80% passing marks in both courses.

7. The instructors need to be Assistant Silat Coach for two years (160 hours) under supervision of their silat guru.

These seven criteria’s will not only produce a superb silat instructor but also will create a loyal followers in term of defending the concept of the silat philosophy that known as ‘Warrior Code of Conducts’ (Sikap Pendekar).

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