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Counter Attack – The Best Female Self Defense Technique In Silat

Silat is one of the best martial arts in Asia. It is the official self defense in Malaysia. Many international martial artists visit Malaysia to learn and master this unique martial art either using the traditional or upgraded system. Silat also is known as the best female self defense system in martial arts. Many peoples learn Silat to protect themselves against villains. Thus, it is important for female silat exponents to know their strength and weakness during silat training to determine the best technique that suite them particularly, in emergency situation.

There are many deadly techniques in silat. Striking techniques such as rejam (straight punch), sauk (uppercut), siku (elbow strike), lutut (knee strike), tendang (front kick), depak (side kick) and kacip (hand break strike) are very powerful and can hurt the opponent in no time. However, there is one silat technique that is very powerful and suite with female physiology structure that known as counter attack. It is the technique to strike the opponents or attackers while they are not expecting any resilient fight from their victim. The strike can be with or without a weapon which aimed to several killer points in human body such as eye, neck, stomach, private part, ear, ribs, jaw and back of the head.

Usually, if you are the victim in any emergency situation, you need to stay cool and follow the instructions of the attacker while being disturbed or attacked by him or her. At the same time, you need to look to the surrounding situations in order to known when and where to act especially when the attacker does not pay much attention to you. Thus, it is important for female exponents to carry some unexpected ‘weapons’ with them every time they go out such as pen, nail cutters, book, bun, keys and multi-purpose knife which can act as a weapon to attack during the emergency situation.

Nevertheless, it is important to every woman to learn female self defense technique in order to protect themselves from being a victim in group attack. Normally, during the silat training session, the guru will explain the details of the counter attack technique of group attack, the psychology control of the emergency situation, and how to determine the right time to attack. The female exponents will train how to stay calm in a fight, how to fight multiple attackers (more than 3 opponents) and also how to react with weapon strike in a fight. This training is called as ‘Tekong’. Tekong training is important particularly to fight with multiple attackers that armed with weapons. Thus, female exponents need to fight with different opponent with different height, weight and size during the silat training in order to get use with the emergency situation.

Female self defense is a must learn education for every girl and woman. Thinking about the world we live today, no one is immune to violence attack. It is better to be aware and prepared before it is too late.

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