Pusat Cemerlang Silat

Learn Silat and Master the Practical Self Defense Moves

Today, learning self defense is the need of the hour. With increasing crime rate and exploitation, it is imperative for each and every individual to learn practical self defense moves. There are various martial art forms that teach self defense techniques, which can be practised but Silat is gaining immense popularity these days among every age group.

This Malay art of self defense, which initially developed in Malaysia, is now spreading its wings throughout the world. Today, its practice is not just limited to its native countries Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, but is now followed in countries world wide.

Over 200 different Silat moves are being practised today. Silat moves broadly have several components or elements: the bunga (which teach the exponent how to master the defensive and striking position), the jurus (which includes the art of attack and defense), the belebat (which teach the students to art of the defensive and counter attack movements), the tapak (the routine on how to destroy your enemy through step pattern movements), the buah (the art of self defense), the tempur seni (the art of self defense combat) and the tempur beladiri (the fast action of combat sparring). ?All of this will produce solid foundations for each individual to master the practical self defense moves, the most dangerous and destructive movements when involve the use of legs, knee, fist, elbow and arms in fast movement actions.

The students also will undergo the series of martial arts conditioning which involves the combination of vital point pokes, tear and claws with less movements but effective. The approach used and the tactics being practiced depends on whether the emphasis is given from the bottom to upper body maneuver, also called as langkah or footwork, to be used when facing variety enemy of different sizes.

When the person reaches the most advanced stage of Silat moves and training, he is equipped with skills for handling different types of weapons. The use of weapons in Silat training comes only after achieving mastery in the basic level Silat. The locks, kicks and blows, which are mastered while practising Silat, are derived from different spiritual components aligned with it.

More important, by learning silat you will have the ability to defend yourself using unarmed self defense no matter where you are or how many opponents you are facing due to the hard training received in the silat class. This will make you as master of all the practical self defense moves that ever exists in this world.

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