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Self Defense – 7 Insider Tips To Avoid Being A Gunman Victim

Self defense gun techniques are different than any other martial arts skills that one needed in any fighting situation. Using this technique you need to know several hidden tips to avoid being shoot and become a victim in danger situation. 

When you are in this kind emergency situation, you know that you need to remain calm before taking any action. Let say you know that some guy has a gun (eg. Robbery in mini market) and you know that he can shoot you any time he wants. 

The best way is to avoid him and get away as soon as possible. But in certain situation you need to know how to be in control and wait until the gunman forget about your existing. If you see any opportunity that can results in your behalf, it is the best time for you to counter the gunman with a fast reflex and throw away the gun from him. This action is fast and routinely practices in martial art class or self defense lesson with your partner. 

Here are 7 tips that you can do while facing this kind of situation: 

1. Practice the hand release skills with your partner. These skills will develop from time to time and will make your reflex become fast just like Steven Seagal in the action movies. 

2. Learn how to control your breath and never panic in this situation. You can practice this with your partner during self defense class or martial arts class. 

3. Learn to become passive and react at definite time to avoid become victim. Again practising it with your partner will determine your life in any emergency situation. 

4. Avoid talking too much with the gunman and just following his order. Only if you see any chances that will be in your favour you can react by coming inside of him rather the outside so that you can put away the gun from your direction, 

5. Never quarrel with your attacker. Try to leave the place. Never try to be a hero in first place. 

6. Wait till the perfect time than you can react. 

7. Never give chances with attacker with their gun as he can kill you in any minute of time or even seconds. 

That is the insider tips that you can use to train with your partner during any martial arts class. Remember thousands of time of repetition in self defense training – you just only need the best one in real situation to save your life. 

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