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Self Defense Moves – What Is Belebat Silat?

One of the self defense moves or disciplines that teaches silat exponent on how to self defense or how to counter attack is known as Belebat Silat. Belebat silat means to receive (sambut) strike followed by counter attack to the opponent. It also means the movements on how to plan sparring in early stage of fight.

Every level in silat will emphasize one type of belebat/sambut. Thus, if the silat exponent completed the syllabus until the black belt, he or she will discover the seven secrets of sambut that exist in silat martial arts such as sangga, tampan, elak, tangkis, tangkap and potong, and pengkhususan. Interestingly, every student will discover every detail of the belebat functions in every level. However, the higher the level, the harder the application and advanced techniques one will received from silat guru.

At the black belt level, the silat exponents will learn belebat pengkhususan (specific belebat). Using this specific belebat, one can implement the technique in coaching session from first to seven levels that included in silat syllabus. The belebat training can be done either alone or with a partner. Here are the seven belebat including the example for each of the sambut in self defense moves;

1. Sangga (e.g. ‘sangga alang’ or a blocking technique using the outside elbow to receive a strike from above the head).

2. Tampan (e.g. ‘tampan pacak’ or a self defense technique to strike the attacker with elbow).

3. Elak (e.g. ‘elak undur’ or an avoiding technique by moving backwards while receiving the strike).

4. Tangkis (e.g. ‘tangkis tapak’ or a blocking technique using the palm hand).

5. Tangkap (e.g. ‘tangkap ranting’ or a catching technique of opponent wrist or leg).

6. Potong (e.g. ‘tangkap’ or a secret technique on how to counter attack the opponent that catch our hand or leg when receiving our strike).

7. Gabung (the ability to organize and combine all sambut in any situation of silat combat).

Mastering all the belebat will help silat exponent to determine each technique and strike needed while receiving any strikes from attackers. Using variety of sambut will show the level of understanding for every silat exponent that train silat. Normally, the strength and weakness will be shown while training with partner, particularly if the training involved three to five attackers with different height, size and energy. Thus, only silat exponent that dedicates extra hours of training will manage to implement the right technique of self defense moves while receiving the strikes.

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