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Self Defense Moves – What Is Tapak Silat?

Silat is a unique martial art. The self defense moves in silat are not the same compare to any other martial arts in this world. It is one of the best martial art in Asia that attracts many martial artists to learn it. Silat has it owns identity and can be learned even for a kid at age five years old.

One of the interesting silat syllabus topics is known as ‘Tapak Silat’. It has been acknowledged by many silat warriors that anybody that masters this unique technique will easily understand all the combat and sparring methodology.

Tapak silat is a step pattern or floor plan that is used in silat to ease the step movements. It develops the silat exponent stances (kuda-kuda) and steps (langkah) in order to strike, to defend and to receive any strikes from opponent. The tapak silat is based on one or two legs position on the floor. Meanwhile, the step in silat means an activity that required a person to move his or her heel to walk or to move form one area to another area.

The pattern of tapak silat in self defense moves is based on geometrical line such as straight line, horizontal line, triangle, rectangular, circle and star shapes. When a silat exponents master all of these step patterns, they can easily receive any fast fists, unlock any locking techniques such as wrist lock and release from any catching technique that are very popular in other martial arts such as aikido, jujitsu or judo.

The tapak silat can be trained alone or with partner in order to develop the perfect silat moves. The maturity of silat moves in order to receive or attack cannot be mimicked or copied from others unless the silat exponent invests hours in training to develop these skills. Silat Melayu emphasizes on a proper step pattern movement as it can help silat exponent to defend and attack easily. Here are the seven step patterns and the explanation of each of them in seven levels of silat syllabus system;

1. Tapak Satu (standing on one or both legs).

2. Tapak Dua (moving on horizontal line).

3. Tapak Tiga (triangle shape step pattern).

4. Tapak Empat (rectangular shape step pattern).

5. Tapak Lima (star shape with five corners).

6. Tapak Bulat (circle shape step pattern).

7. Gabung (combination of all steps pattern in purpose of arrangement).

Tapak silat also is the secret technique for unarmed and practical self defense. One should never try to spar or fight until they get proper training in tapak silat. The self defense moves in fighting made easy once the silat exponents know how to combine the entire seven patterns in tapak silat either to receive or to strike the opponent.

This article was submitted by Cikgu Nizam, an expert and world leading silat and self defense coach online. Did you find these tips on self defense moves article are useful? Find out more about silat and self defense by going to Self Defense Moves blog and get a FREE report there.

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