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The Importance of Practical Self Defense in Martial Art Training

The concept of martial arts and practical self defense training is not at all new to any one of us. Through movies, magazines, and TV shows, we all have been in touch with martial arts. We have seen Bruce lee’s movies in jam packed theatres and even bought DVD’s of those movies home and watched them unlimited number of times. 

We all love martial arts; we admire the various forms of this magnificent art and respect those who have been trained in martial arts. Many people developed interest in this art form and decided to get martial arts training. Today, in every country and city, to locate a martial arts club or school is one of the easiest task. Institutes and schools for professional martial arts training are available almost everywhere. 

Mixed martial arts, Muay Thai Kick boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Karate and Silat are some of the famous forms of this art of self defense. Martial art is a very broad and extensive term used to summarize various practices, forms and styles used in a combat. In practical self defense training weapon training, grappling and strikes are three specific areas of focus and interest. These are further divided into sub-forms and styles of martial arts training. 

Striking has three major styles which summarize almost every martial art form which includes various types of strikes. 

? Kicking: Taekwondo, Savate and Capoeira 

? Punches: Wing Chun and western boxing 

? Other types of strikes: Karate and Muay Thai 

Weaponry Training is sub divided broadly into two divisions- Traditional and modern weaponry. Jukendo, style of martial arts is included in modern weaponry, while Fencing, Eskrima, Kyudo, and Gatka are traditional forms of weaponry training. 

Grappling involves pinning techniques (Judo and wrestling), Joint lock (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido and Hapkido) and throwing techniques (Sambo, Glima and Jujutsu). 

Importance of self defense training lies in its ability to infuse in us the proficiency to safe guard ourselves under difficult circumstances. Those who wish to learn multiple styles of martial arts can go for Silat, which has quite similar moves and techniques to Judo and Muay Thai techniques. 

In Silat, the students need to undergo 7-training program that required the students to understand the philosophy of each discipline in the silat course. There are; Bunga (the pillars of attacking and defensive silat positions), Jurus (art of attack and defence of Silat either with bare hand of weapon), Belebat (the art of unarmed self defense), Tapak (step pattern), Buah Pukul (practical self-defense in fast action moves), Tempur Seni (art of combat either with weapon or bare hand) and Tempur Bela Diri (self defense combat with weapon or bare hand). ?Looking to those 7-training program will give you an idea on how hard the training it is. With every program has their own objective outcome, every silat exponent that finished their program should be able to defend themselves in any dangerous situation. 

Here are some of the self defense moves and techniques that most of the silat exponent will need to master in order to receive their completion achievement certificate in Silat and entitled the ‘Pendekar’ or Warrior title: 

??? * Elakkan or avoiding technique movements 

??? * Tangkisan or blocking technique 

??? * Tangkapan or catching technique 

??? * Amuk or rampage with due diligent 

??? * Weaponry system such as sickle, sword, cudgel, kris or a short wavy dagger, rope, walking stick made of hardwood, dagger with straight cutting edge and trisula. 

Thus, learning the practical self defense techniques will not only prepared yourself in any emergency situation but also can help you to sense the danger and unexpected situation that will happened no matter where you are and what you are doing in your normal life. 

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