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Three Fighting Secrets To Topple Down Your Opponent Easily In Silat Olahraga Match

Silat Olahraga is a famous silat competition in silat sports. It is a combative style that required you to fight your opponent based on the weight category. The winner is the one that scored the highest marks from the other opponent. The point based system is used on the successful hit to opponent body. One point will be given to you if you punch the opponent to the abdomen area. While, the successful kick to the opponent body will reward you two points in scoring mark. However, the most critical point that usually determines your win and loses is the three points score. You need to topple down the opponent with catching, sweeping, punching or kicking techniques to bring the opponent down during the bout.

Topple down technique is the most impressive point in silat due to the lack of points scored in punching and kicking techniques. This is because both silat exponents are well-trained on avoiding and blocking technique from being hit. Thus, topple down technique will be the pinpoint to determine the decision of scores in silat olahraga match.

There are three fighting secrets that can help you to topple down your opponent in silat olahraga match. There are;

1. You need to be brave enough to topple down your opponent. This means you need to come close to your opponent in order to catch his or her leg. You can risk your hand or ribs if you are not quick enough to avoid the kicking strike of your opponent. You can avoid this by step in front of your opponent just after he launches his strike.

2. You need to train at least 100 topple downs technique every day. Nothing is easy to win a silat match other than hard training with real partner and coach. This is not a new training system to build up your catching skills in silat olahraga. You are also required to practice the sweeping technique due to the different style and size of your opponent.

3. You need to record your training drills and competition match. This is critical because looking back to your body, feet and hand movements in training; you will determine the weakness and fighting ability in competition. You performance will be better from the previous training and fighting sessions by recording all your workouts and fights to improve your fighting style in future.

Silat olahraga is a dangerous sport if one doesn’t know the level of energy demand in a match. You need to be fit and fast to strike and defend in order to win silat match. The fighting secrets lay down on the three secrets keys that can help you to topple down your opponent easily in silat competition.

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