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Three Insider Secrets to Be Successful Silat Guru!

There are many silat students that dreams to be a successful silat exponent. But not everybody can be successful because not many peoples have time to invest in the training. To master the silat syllabus is not an easy job. It takes hours of training either in formal or non-formal silat session. You are also need to compete in various level of silat competition to test your silat skills. Not many silat exponents can reach the higher level of competing at the international level. The same way happens to be a successful silat guru.

A successful silat guru needs three elements that can be considered as successful guru in silat. The title that been given for this achievement is the ‘special one’. Without these three elements you cannot be called as the special one. There are;

1. You need to be a good silat student – you need to be a silat student and train for many hours to master all the techniques in silat training system under a supervision of silat guru. You need to follow all the rules and regulation of silat laws and successfully achieved black belt under the same or different silat guru in one association.

Normally it takes 5-10 years to achieve the highest level in silat training system. You are also need to compete in several silat competitions. It doesn’t matter either you win or lose as the main agenda is for you to feel the aura of fighting. In addition, to be a good silat exponent you need to have a good social attitude by involves in any silat occasions such as festival, performance or silat courses (at least seven silat courses).

The silat guru will monitor your performance and will suggests your name to the grandmaster of silat once he or she feel you are ready to accept the responsibility to be a silat coach. Once you are accepted as a silat guru, you will be awarded a certificate that proved you are qualified to teach others. You will be monitored by the grandmaster from time to time to guide you to become a good guru.

2. You need to be a good silat guru and contributor – normally you will be called as junior coach when you start coaching. You will starts coaching kids between 6-12 years old for 2-3 years depending on your performance. The grandmaster will advice you to undergo several silat courses such as silat coaching system, sport sciences courses, anatomy of fighter and many more in order to upgrade your knowledge of coaching.

Then, you will be given chances to coach youth; adults or even special need care peoples / disable people about silat education. You will also follow grandmaster to different places to teach peoples silat. Sometimes, you need fight with other silat guru or martial art to show them the silat system in practical combat and self defense. The best part is even at young age you will have your own followers, champions and also your own black belt students. Your contribution will be highlighted by the grandmaster to other silat gurus or silat communities. Your responsibility will be bigger and it will grow your managerial skills.

If you are ready, the grandmaster will give the harder task to you depending on your level of interest in developing silat either part-time or full-time. The harder the task, the more attention will be given to you by him. Sometime, the grandmaster will ask you to develop silat in foreign country without any help from others. This task is not for everybody as it involves other commitment such as family, career or even personal life. Thus, the bigger contribution and sacrifices you made the higher level you will achieve in silat.

This process normally takes around 10-20 years to be a good silat guru. The grandmaster will act as your mentor and will guide you to the next level that sometimes cannot be reached by many good silat gurus. The reason why we need a grandmaster in any silat or martial arts association is to guide people to be a good human and warrior in order to be better than him. Without a grandmaster, any silat or martial arts without a grandmaster will be like a country without a leader. Keep in mind that ‘a body without a head cannot survive’.

3. You need to be a good silat researcher – Many great leaders contribute to the world by leaving a good research or book of knowledge before they die. The same applied to silat. Once you are determined as a good guru, the grandmaster will guide you to start writing of your knowledge either in magazines, newspaper, and blogs or in any publication that can help you to contribute to world of silat. Sometimes, you need to sacrifice your time with family in order to learn how to be a researcher in university during weekend.

The university is the best place to throw your idea as silat researcher as there are many resources that you can use to help you to achieve this objective. You will start to develop a critical thinking and debating with the grandmaster about silat techniques, system and management in order to grow your skills. It will be his attention to develop a well successful silat guru that is better than him.

Your research can be in any field such as sports, education, business, computer, technology, management, or even in silat training system. Once you achieve this level by producing a solid research about silat that can be used by others including other martial arts too, it is time for you to be rewarded as the next deputy grandmaster, grandmaster or even the minster of silat.

These three elements take years of hard works of full dedication to make you as a good silat guru. Some guru will accomplished this in 30-50 years, while some can accomplished this in 20-30 years depending on level of interest to develop silat all around the world.

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