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Unarmed Self Defense – Surprise The Attacker With a Clear Punch

Unarmed self defense has become popular due to the increase of crime rates around us. Thus, it is important for us to identify any martial art skills that really applicable to us in order to protect ourselves from any danger situation.

This is because no matter what people says about learning martial arts; there will be some time that you will need the unarmed self defense technique in order to fight back the attacker from hurting you. Most important aspect that you need to know is that learning martial arts is the process for you to grow your self defense moves and skills. This is because by learning martial arts you will identify any skills that you can use to protect yourself.

The very basic of unarmed self defense technique is called punching. There are many different types of punching such as jab, hook, over arm punch, straight punch and many others. Any of these punches will help you to shock your enemy especially if he doesn’t know that you are good of using these techniques to counter back their strike.

One of martial arts known as silat teaches their students on how to use punching effectively. It is called as REJAM. While, in English it is known as straight punch. This is the very basic for every beginner in Silat. But if you trained it properly, this technique will give you an advantage on how to use it at the exact time during the emergency situation.

Let say the attacker strikes you from the front, what you need to do is very simple – just avoid or move away from him to any side (no matter to the left, right or backwards) and counter attack with a straight punch to any of the killer point that located on the human body. This can lead the opponent to lose balance and knock out within few seconds after the strike. You also can add up the technique with kicking to the knee or shin so that the attacker will fall down easily. So where are the killer points?

Here are several ‘killer points’ that are located in human anatomy:

1. Eye

2. Nose

3. Chin

4. Cheek

5. Nose

6. Neck

7. Ribs

Using this technique you can surprise the attacker. You even can knock him down. Remember to run away and save yourself after hitting back the strike using rejam. Using the basic of rejam can help you not only to defense yourself but also to remind your opponent that you are able to fight back and it is not an easy as he thinks to hurt you.

As most people’s try to learn the advance skills in unarmed self defense – the very simple of punch is the answer to all the skills you need in any situation. By practising regularly this punching technique, it will help you to get used in any fighting situation either in the ring or on the street.

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