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Why Used Power System?

Hi guys,

I just reviewing my work on POWER System for my own report collection :-). But you get it here live!

What is POWER System ?

  • It is a work-rate analysis system that allows observers to enter periods of work and rest performed by players during sports match. The data are processed to provide three sets of performance indicators relating to work-rate (O’Donoghue et al., 2005a).

Why we used it?

  • Because the POWER system has been demonstrated to be capable of being used objectively and reliably for the analysis of work-rate in silat (Shapie et al., 2008).

How to operate/used it?

  • This two movement classification enables the observer to enter the sequence of activities performed by a player into the POWER system using the F1 and F2 function keys of the computer to enter when periods of “rest” and “work” commence respectively.
  • The POWER system is a work-rate analysis system as it specifically focuses on the analysis of work to rest ratios to the exclusion of other time-motion data such as distance covered and performance of different types of work (such as punching, kicking, dodging and related activity) and different types of recovery activity (after the wasit called off the break/match with ‘henti/stop’).


O’Donoghue, P.G., Hughes, M.G., Rudkin, S., Bloomfield, J., Cairns, G., Powell, S. (2005a), Work rate analysis using the POWER (Periods of Work Efforts and Recoveries) System. International Journal of Performance Analysis of Sport (e), 5(1), 5-21.

Shapie, M.N.M., Oliver, J., O’Donoghue, P.G. and Tong, R. (2008), Distribution of fight time and break time in international Silat competition, In Performance Analysis of Sport VIII (Edited by Hokelmann, A. and Brummond, M.), 667-672.

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