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Selamat Tahun Baru 2010, Bermula 1.1.10 Pusat Cemerlang Silat, Malaysia membuka keahlian PERCUMA kepada semua ahli dan pelawat yang berminat untuk mengetahui pelbagai maklumat dan informasi berguna di facebook.

Anda boleh menyertai komoniti ini di sini.

Semoga kita dapat memperkukuhkan ikatan persilatan dan berkongsi pengalaman di PCS facebook group.

Jumpa di sana!


Pusat Cemerlang Silat (PCS), Malaysia (Facebook) is a group that open to everybody from all over the world. PCS is the BIGGEST Silat Training Center in Malaysia and has already welcomed many International Silat exponents all around the world.

This group will help you not only to upgrade your silat skills knowledge but …also will guide you to better understanding about Silat Melayu in science, sports, economic and world perspective. You will be delight with the opportunity given in this group.

Please Click Here To Join The Group Now! (You need a facebook account to apply)

P.S. To join this group, you need an approval from the moderator. It will take 12-24 hours to approve your application. Please state your name, country, club and opinion about silat so that we can help you! Cheers, 🙂

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