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Review of Sukma 2008 – Final Silat Olahraga Pahang vs Kedah

I am in the lab analysing silat olahraga match between this 2 silat opponents. Using this FANTASTIC software is the best thing I ever across as Silat Coach and Researcher. I am blessed to give this opportunity to contribute more to this field.

I am about to tell you some Amazing Secrets that I found in this match.

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Here are the findings –

1. The blue exponent is likely to punch after kicking. I have studied all of her movements in this match and what I can tell you she is best with her left leg eventhough her right leg is good too.

For an example when it come to third round she will used her front kick either to fake the opponent or to kick and directly punch with right hand. This is same with her left leg and left punch movements. (look at the example down below of this review).

2. It seem the blue exponent has more advantage with her height and this clearly her advantage as everytime she kick – the right hand will land on the red opponent body target. This is one of the factor why she score many points on counted punch on the scoresheet.

3. The red exponent good at blocking but she is not mastering at counter attack espeacially after delivering any attacks or strikes in the match – red exponent did not used these opportunity.

4. As I observing the mach I realized that evertime the blue exponent kicked the red exponent – the red exponent will block (with out using ‘gelek’ technique) and CLEARLY followed by the right hand strike/punch (blue exponent). This is hard as many of her attacks were block or dodged by her opponent’s.

And everytime the red exponent is going to counter attack the blue exponent will come up with front kick (from sikap pasang 3, depan) or side kick (sikap pasang 5, ereng). It seem that in determining the best position of ‘sikap pasang’ either to wait or to attack the opponents; the red exponent knows what is the best position for her!

*Please review to bunga sembah for information on all ‘sikap pasang’ here.

5. By the way as 10 years coaching experiece – my observation is the red exponent should improve of her gelek technique. This is her main weakness in dealing with any strike from her opponent. If she can improve this skills – this will be her great advantage in dealing with any strike!

6. And thing come to worst (in second round) as the red exponent always making her position keen to be kicked/strikes by the blue exponent. I wonder why she did this? She should move inside the blue exponent to get away from any kicking distance.

I still remember what the founder of Silat Olahraga said to me as the 1-2 meters distance is suitable of kicking strike, and the only best technique to avoid it not to block it! So in order to gain more points the red exponent should avoid and simultaneously attack the blue exponent (that what should hap paned to win the points!)

7. The best technique to improve for red exponent is ‘gelek’ technique (gelek luar and gelek dalam). This is the best weapon in any kicking or punching strikes (without worrying much on other exponent’s size1).

8. The red exponent know + experience that she have more opportunity in punching right after she kick as she have that DISTANCE advantage. It means she already win the distance as she is more taller than her opponents!

9. At the end of round two – the blue exponent tend to waste time and sometimes resulting on lost focus. Even with her level of competition she still step in (pasang) inside the ‘medan laga’ and several times warned by the wasit (i don’t know if this is her tactics on delaying time!).

10. Round three- after knock down 2 times – the red exponent try to catch the blue exponent leg everytime she kick her (red opponent). But her poor skill on toppling down couse her a lot of points. She should use the (langkah 6 method – silang) to make sure that her opponent down to earth. perhaps in future she should concentrate to improve the silang technique (I am really seriuos about this so that she can be good!).

*Photo: Down To Earth! (1-8, left to right)

This is the winning strategy that gave points to blue exponent – (I will reveal more in next review)

1. Blue exponent ready on sikap pasang to attack.

2. As usual she will kicked with her best weapon (left leg).

3. Red exponent block that strike without adding ‘gelek’ method that will cost her losing points in few miliseconds from now.

4. Now you can see the blue exponent will come up with her best weapon (upper body weapon) – Right Hand Punch straight to red exponent body.

5. BOOM – It hit the red exponent body (look at red exponent stance – she is out of balance right after she blocked blue exponent kick).

6. Guess What? I bet you she will down to earth that cost her losing 3 points 🙁

7. Down to earth.

8. Blue Exponent get 3 points for toppling down her opponent (using punching straight to the body).

* This happened in round 3. Here is the first analysis results ;

Red Exponent –


block -21

other – 133

Blue Exponent –


block – 5

other -35

(I will descibe and explain this findings soon!)

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