Pusat Cemerlang Silat

Tekong Silat by Our Coaches!

This is the great time to introduce to the world those pesilat that have been work so hard in promoting silat not just in their school but also to the community outside the schools. Those are Nur Fiqah (now Cikgu Fiqah or Pendekar Fiqah – balck belt), Roselyn Melinda Mervin (Cikgu Roselyn – Red Belt) and Qistina (Red belt). These are the real people that have contribute so much in the world of Silat Melayu.

As a coach, I am really gland for their achievement – maybe we will interview them one day to get everything about them in developing Silat to the world! Here is the video that contribute by them in 2006 (just released for public 🙂

Imagine in 2006, they are like these. Now is going to 2009 – Their skills must have improve 200% with a proper guidance and instruction by Cikgu Aminuddin and Cikgu Shahiid.

P.S. Thanks to Cikgu Safwan to contribute the video for us.

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