Pusat Cemerlang Silat

Self defense moves – silat moves or pencak moves or any moves?

I am happy to find one of the self defense moves – I mean silat moves on internet. Here I attached the whole match actions that packed with fists, kicks and punches so called silat movements.

Once people saw this sports – they will called it as silat. However, when looking back to everything been setup this sports doesn’t look anymore like silat sports. Much critical to pencak sports or silat indonesia sports. This is not the clear concept of silat as the technical and arts of silat were already thrown away by the Persilat (International Pencak Silat Federation).

So, you can see much more like MMA sports – just no grappling and locking technique on the floor.

Yup – we just followed what the international said – but the main idea was far away from the proposal and earlier draft of promoting silat sports. Last time it was called as Silat Olahraga (go and check out the meaning and phylosophy….). But now it was popular by name Tanding (again, go and check out the meaning and phylosophy….) There are two different thing when talking about silat olahraga and tanding .

Look at the step pattern -the hand position and movement – and you will see the differences.

Thus, it is important for every PCS silat exponents to ask your coach and instructor about this matter. The concept and practicality of silat olahraga. Using the Silat Malaysia syllabus will help you to understand more about this issue.

It is our responsible to introduce the concept and real games of silat olahraga. By bringing back the art and principality of the sports will attracts more people to join silat clubs training.

I will elaborate more about this once I finish my training chapter on my research at the moment.

Take care and Eid Mubarak to every students and parent of PCS.

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