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Silat is the traditional art of war of the Malay race, who are inhabitants the southern part of the Asian continent, covering the Malay Archipelago from the Easter Island in the east to Madagascar Island in the west. Generally, Silat Melayu refers to the silat practiced by the Malays in the Malay Peninsula.

Silat spread within the Malay community before the presence of external influences. For example, an official Silat  weapon, a 2000 year-old copper keris was found
in Mekong, Vietnam.

Malaysia has an original version of silat known as Silat Melayu. Among the Silat Melayu group which is most successful is Seni Gayung Fatani (SGF). This Silat maintains the original practice of Silat Melayu covering the art, selfdefense, sports, music, culture and spiritualism. SGF also known as Silat Melayu Asli in world of Silat. This tradition was kept for thosands of years.

It has branches all over the country and international branches overseas including among others Austria, France, New Caledonia, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Wales, Vietnam, Thailand, and many others.

SGF was the overall champion (in Malaysia) in the National Silat Championship in
1991, 1992, 1993 and 1995. This association participated in the presentation involving 11 types of the world’s best self defense in 15 German cities (2004).

Became the champion for two years successively for Best PerformanceGroup in art of self defense which was participated by 40 other countries from 14 types of the world’s best art of self defense under the International Martial Arts Games Committee
(IMGC) organized by International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) in Pyongyang, North Korea, 2004 and the one organized Kung Fu/ Wushu in Perugia, Italy, 2005.

SGF had groomed a number of athletes, coaches, juries and team managers in Silat Seni (performance competition) and Silat Olahraga (combat sport competition) and were successful in the International Pencak Silat Championship. This group has successfully improved the curriculum of silat from traditionally to modern Silat curriculum. As Silat Melayu Asli in world of Silat one can expect the very best of education of martial arts in this school.

The performance of silat compromises of beautiful, aesthetic movements, clad in warrior attire, accompanied by energetic silat music that fulfills the requirement of formal functions such as for receptions, circumcisions, ceremonies and the glutinous eating feasts.

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